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Lavender scented soy candle.

Lavender scented soy candle.

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Hand-poured soy candles with crackling wooden wicks, 7oz.

Our candles are made with high quality, clean burning soy wax.  They are made in small batches and are hand-poured into recyclable aluminium tins, complete with wooden wicks.

We prefer to use wooden wicks in our candles for a few reasons.  Unlike cotton wicks, wood wicks are cleaner burning, (most cotton wicks are dipped into paraffin wax which is an oil bi-product that can release nasty toxins into the air when ignited) and they make a crackling sound while they burn which creates a warm and cosy ambience. 

Burning these candles until a melt pool reaches the edges of the tin will ensure that your candle will burn right down to the last drip.

All of our melts and candles are made in Rotorua, New Zealand