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Sulphur City Soapery

Soap shaker

Soap shaker

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 Soap shaker, designed in New Zealand.

You may have seen mum or nana use one these handy little gadgets long ago.

A soap shaker is an excellent tool that allows you to avoid using nasty detergents and single use plastic packaging.  They are super simple to use and are made with stainless steel so they won't rust or erode, now thats an eco friendly product!

To use a soap shaker, simply open the easy to use cage and place a soap inside, (we have a special soap formulated specifically for dish washing) then close the cage and shake the shaker under HOT running water when filling up the sink.  A little goes a long way and be careful not to use too much - remember this, if you have lots of bubbles in your sink, you're using too much.

I have been using my soap shaker for 6months now and still love it and I am sure you will love yours just as much.


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